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 Welcome to My Website

I am a website design and developer operating in the Thurmont area. I build websites for small businesses/non-profit organizations and religious organizations/churches.

If your business does not have a website, now is the time to create one! Establishing a “home base” online is the first step to making full use of the Internet’s huge marketing potential.

If you already have a website and it has not been updated in a while or contains minimal content, it is probably suffering in search page rankings. I can help you refresh the content, build up it volume, and turn it into the traffic-driving tool that it has the potential to be or I can completely re-design a new one for you.

It’s easer than ever now for your business to enjoy the benefits of great web design-let us interview you and find out about your company, and we will do the rest.

The process I use lets you concentrate on what you do best, instead of trying to become a web design expert.  I will listen carefully to you, learning as much as I can about your business.  Then, I will combine that information with my web design expertise, building a website that reflects the character of your company and makes it easy for visitors to quickly learn what they need to know about you

I will take care of all the details including all of the behind-the-scenes, technical aspects an analytics.

Throughout the design process, I will stay in close contact with you, making sure that you are completely satisfied with the way your new website looks and functions.

I am looking forward to teaming up with you, putting the power of web design to work for your business.